MUKHALAT MALAKI Oil 30 ml ml Swiss Arabian Perfumes $79.9



Mukhallat Malaki 30 ml  Oil Swiss Arabian Perfumes

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Mukhalat Malaki has the exquisite qualities that make it fit for royalty. Its majestic blend of florals, spices, amber and woods offer a unique experience in scent and a quality that elevates you to new echelons.

Mukhalat Malaki offers a deceptively simple opening of Turkish rose: a rose that is Queen among them all. Each facet unveils a new layer of satin petals until it gently melts into precious strands of saffron. This rare spice adds floral warmth, rising to meet an extraordinary blend of agarwood, blazing its glowing trail. Gently cloaked in velvet sandalwood, you assume a new poise you didn’t know you had.

Mukhalat Malaki is an intense unisex concentrated perfume oil, and is ideal for cooler seasons.

A blend for the royals.

MUKHALAT MALAKI Oil 30 ml ml Swiss Arabian Perfumes $79.9

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