MUSK MALAKI Oil 30 ml ml Swiss Arabian Perfumes $79.9





MUSK MALAKI 30 ml  Oil Swiss Arabian Perfumes

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Musk Malaki is an exquisite scent blended to perfection. This extraordinary musky floral has a quality that elevates you to a new status.

Opening with juicy, ripe fruits, this enticing opening act speaks of the wonders to come. Entering a vernal valley of lily of the valley and its delicate bells of fragrance, musky florals entwine around you, carrying the scent of nature in a radiant aura. Entering darker woods, the florals and the musk come together to meet in the shade of sandalwood trees, where the warmth of amber and exquisite musk embrace you.

Musk Malaki is a concentrated perfume oil. It is a unisex fragrance and can be worn all year round.

Musk for the royals.

MUSK MALAKI Oil 30 ml ml Swiss Arabian Perfumes $79.9

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