Oudh Al Boruzz Atheer Cambodia Rasasi Perfumes 50 ml.

  • Atheer Cambodia, latest addition to the luxurious Boruzz Series was created as an ode to the finest and the rarest natural ingredients. The elegant sophisticated fragrance is a refreshing new twist on luxurious oudh yet quintessential of the magical mystique of oriental alchemy
  • A sophisticated and fresh interpretation of woody Cambodian oudh,Atheer Cambodiaia is an elegant blend of refreshing Mediterranean indulgence and precious Eastern aromas.The crisp freshness of sun-warmed Italian citrus notes leads to the dramatic deep woody tones of an oriental forest at midnight, revealing the rich splendor of unmistakable Cambodian oudh. Witness the emergence of a precious secret, a white crystalline accord as precious as white crystal,which will stay close to your heart 4eve
  • Atheer Cambodia opens on the seductively inviting notes of baie rose, saffron and raspberry, meandering into rose, leather and patchouli finally cascading to the world’s most precious Cambodian oudh.This is tempered to a sparkling splendour due to the cashemeran, cipriol and ambroxan weaved into the scent tocreate an intoxicating and enthralling symphony of timeless Arabian heritage

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