Oudh Al Boruzz Rooh  Al Assam Rasasi Perfumes 50 ml.

"Inspired by a fragrant journey through ancient Assam, Rooh Al Assam intoxicates the senses. The scent of a thousand roses blowing on the breeze give way to the deep richness of leather, mystery of Indian sandalwood and the most coveted Indian oudh. The sensual touch of oriental sweet delight accord, finished with a drop of golden saffron mellows the spicy note of Indian oudh. This mystery wood trail invites you to envelop yourself in the sensual, luxurious beauty of the East." Top notes: Persian saffron and Indian roses. Heart notes: leather, Spanish labdanum and Indian oudh. Base notes: Indian nagarmotha, sandalwood and oudh.

Oudh Al Boruzz Rooh Al Assam Rasasi Perfumes 50 ml $139.9