Woody Blanc Edp 100 ml By Arabian Oud Perfumes

 Western Spray - Unisex

Woody Blanc by Arabian Oud, a unique addition to the magnificent Woody Perfume collection that made tremendous success over the years with global awards. An addition to the company's approach in developing successful products we represent to you White Woody. Woody Blanc by Arabian Oud is an extension of the ultimate vividness of natural fruits with green apple freshness, Spanish orange and condensed wild berries giving you a feeling of unlimited energy. For more freshness, we spilled the sweetest Jory roses and violet leaves mixed with pear flower to meet your aspirations for a vividness extending all day with musk a true feeling of satisfaction and long-lasting fresh scent.

Woody Blanc Edp Spray - Unisex - 100 ml By Arabian Oud Perfumes $85

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