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Shipping Terms
# Does the Product price include shipping cost?
 - Yes , Prices offered include product price and shipping price
# I Want to buy more than one item of your e-store? Is there a reduction for the total price ?
- Yes If you want to buy more than one product, we can combine shipping and lower you price. Text us Throw SMS , Whatsapp message
( 00965 90013700 ) or Throw contact form.
# After the purchase is completed, when will the shipping process take place?
- The order will be processed within 48 hours of purchase. You will be informed of the shipping details by e-mail ( Buyer Paypal Email ) .
# Do you ship to all countries of the world?
- Currently we ship only to USA, Europe and Australia only ?
# What kind of delivery service is available to you?
- Express shipping service .( TNT , FEDEX , DHL )
# Is there a tracking number for shipping and follow-up via the Internet ?
 - Yes, there is a tracking number, and you can follow it online.
# Who makes the customs clearance when the parcel arrives in my country?
- The shipping company will carry out customs clearance procedures, unless if there is a large order of purchase, then the buyer will be coordinated according to the laws in each country .
# Will I pay customs duties ?
- USA and Australia do not charge any custom fees for small & personal orders .
- European countries sometimes do not charge fees for one piece less than $ 20 .
# Is it possible to reduce the value of the commodity to $ 20 in the commercial invoice and send it as a gift?
- Yes, we can quote one piece for $ 20 in commercial invoice & we send it as gift . But we can not guarantee all countries accept it, there are countries such as Italy and Romania, will collect customs duties on any package, whether personally or any value .
# Do you have a shipping service for large orders at a reduced price?
- Yes we do. Shipping by registered government mail. The delivery takes only 3 weeks to 5 weeks
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